Marnee Dearman (KG7SIO)

Pure F# Web API and Team City Build

How I fixed the broken build

We use TeamCity at work for continuous integration. I recently added a Pure F# Web API to a solution. Everything was building but this one project. The build (with FAKE) ran just fine locally, but in the Team City environment, running the same FAKE script, the build broke.

And all I got was this fun error:

D:\TeamCity\buildAgent\ . . .

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March 13, 2017

Suave bootstrapper upgraded

Why am I doing this?

I recently started building a web API at work. I am building it in F# as a .Net Web API project. This is nice and all but not wholly a functional programming kind of thing. So I thought I would try, which is F# all the way through and encourages a functional style, and all the cool kids are doing it.

. . .

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February 19, 2017

Hello world! with Vue.js & Webpack

Getting started with Vue & Webpack in an .NET MVC app

Why am I doing this?

We are starting to use Vue.js at work and I wanted to get familiar with it and possibly use it in my personal projects. At the time we are not using Webpack with Vue.js, but we are planning on using it at some stage so I also wanted to learn about Webpack.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is yet another . . .

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February 12, 2017

Neo4j Type Provider

My tiny contribution

Why am I doing this?

One of the most awesomest things about F# is Type Providers. There are Type Providers for, like, everything. A while ago I found a Neo4j Type Provider built by Pete Bayne, who was kind enough to help me a bit when I was having trouble getting the code to compile. I did end up making some small changes to get it . . .

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February 06, 2017

An IVR with Neo4j and F# -- Part 2 A

Modeling the IVR domain with algebraic data types

Why am I doing this?

In part 1 I talked about getting started on my graph-based IVR system. I started with modeling the authentication sub-graph. I wrote some Cypher queries to build the graph in Neo4j. In this part I am going to talk about how I modeled the graph in F# using algebraic data types, namely discriminated unions and . . .

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February 01, 2017

F# and xUnit Class Fixtures

Startup and teardown test modules

Why am I doing this?

I use a combination of F#, xUnit, and FsUnit to do my unit testing on .NET. I want to run a database setup script at the start of some test modules. In this case, according to the xUnit documentation, I need to use IClassFixture (or ICollectionFixture). I recently wanted to figure out how to make this happen in . . .

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January 22, 2017

An IVR with Neo4j and F# -- Part 1

Part 1: building the Neo4j graph database backend

Why am I doing this?

I develop something called the Interactive Customer Management System (ICMS). This lets customers enter orders for petroleum products from oil and gas terminals in India. Customers can get the status of their orders via SMS and IVR (interactive voice response). Developing a low-cost and simple IVR system is not . . .

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January 16, 2017


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