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Towards creating a decentralized and distributed web application using IPFS and Elm

Topics covered

* A little about IPFS and why its great
* Getting started with IPFS on WSL (Ubuntu Xenial on Windows)
* Getting started with Elm
* A simple example hosting a web application on IPFS

Why am I doing this?

The future of the internet is the distributed, decentralized web. This is a place . . .

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December 02, 2017

Hashcash in F#

Implementing the hashcash algorithm in F#

Why am I doing this?

The hashcash algorithm forms this basis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I have been getting into this kind of technology, like the blockchain and cryptocurrency, lately (this is the future!) and I thought it would be fun to try to implement the hashcash algorithm in F#. Plus the proof-of-work system seems to . . .

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August 05, 2017

Low-fuss database migrations

Migrate your database from source control at build time with TeamCity and SQL Compare

Why am I doing this?

At work, I have been working on getting our applications into the build pipeline (in TeamCity). I have been making good progress on the application side but a lot of our database migrations were still kind of manual. I would inevitably end up with a failing build because I forgot to open up SQLCompare, compare . . .

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July 24, 2017

Deploy your Python code to AWS Lambda using the CLI

How to get started creating and deploying a Python package

Why am I doing this?

The AWS provided tutorials are too much stuff. Here I have simplified it. Plus I needed to deploy some code.

This is a continuation of my article on getting started with AWS Lambda.

See also my Github repo.

What you will need

  • the AWS CLI
  • some Python code
  • an AWS . . .

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July 16, 2017

POSTing images to pure F# Web API 2.0

Getting the multi-part form data out of your web API requests

Why am I doing this?

I have a REST API that I built with the Pure F# Web API templates. Mostly my REST API was just designed to output and process JSON, but recently I needed to accept images.

The problem

I need to save some images, through my REST API, that are produced on another system. I need that system to . . .

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July 06, 2017

AWS Lambda and S3: a quick and dirty tutorial

Figure out the basics without tearing your hair out

Why am I doing this?

I wanted to setup an example of how to use AWS Lambda with S3 for two reasons: do a talk on using these features at the Tucson Python Meetup (TuPLE), and help a a TuPLE member get started with a prototype for his (totally awesome) radiology image-processing functions.

BTW: this is a great reason to go . . .

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July 03, 2017

A bit of Railway Oriented Programming with Coconut

Using Coconut/Python to build a pipeline with error handling

Why am I doing this?

I recently did a talk on Coconut at the Tucson Python Meetup (aka TuPLE). I mostly demoed the examples in the tutorial and the documentation, but I also came up with a way to do error handling like I do in F# with Railway Oriented Programming that I learned from F# for Fun and Profit.

You can find my . . .

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May 27, 2017


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