Marnee Dearman (KG7SIO)

Cross-platform development with .NET Core and F#

University of Arizona IT Summit Workshop

This is my script for a workshop I will be leading at the University of Arizona IT Summit InterActive day

IT Summit interActive Workshop

Workshop Leader

Marnee Dearman

Chief Applications Architect

College of Medicine


Cross-platform software development with .NET Core and . . .

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March 30, 2019

Saturn with CAS Single-Sign On Sample Application

Building a standard web app template with Saturn Framework

Saturn with CAS Single Sign-On Sample Application

Lessons learned building a web application built on Saturn and using CAS for single sign-on.

Sample code

You can find all of my sample code on my Github.

Why am I doing this?

I decided to try out Saturn to see if we can't start building . . .

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December 09, 2018

Joining the Southern Arizona Ham Mesh Network

Equipment and firmware to get you started with high-speed Ham mesh networking

Why am I doing this?

I am into amateur radio. I have a Technician Level license, which means I can transmit on certain radio bands, including the bands used for high-speed data, like WiFi. We can use the unlicensed spectrum, like everyone else, and we can use special frequency bands allocated only to licensed Hams. This means we can . . .

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January 15, 2018

Suave websocket server with a continuous feed

Websockets for everyone

Why am I doing this?

I recently wrote a blog post using Suave websockets. It was a dead-simple example of a websocket server that just echoes back what the client sends to it. I made a new example that is just a tiny bit more useful. I made the Suave websocket server return a continuous feed of the current date and time. Exciting . . .

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December 26, 2017

Plugging in Elm and Suave with websockets on .NET Core 2.0

Getting started with Elm, Suave, .NET Core, and websockets

Topics covered

  • Getting started with a .NET Core F# project
  • A bit about using Paket
  • A bit about Suave
  • Getting started with websockets and Suave
  • Getting started with Elm websockets

Silvrback blog image

Why am I doing this?

I want to learn more about Elm, F#, Suave, websockets, and developing on .NET . . .

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December 24, 2017

You can't stop the signal

Towards creating a decentralized and distributed web application using IPFS and Elm

Topics covered

* A little about IPFS and why its great
* Getting started with IPFS on WSL (Ubuntu Xenial on Windows)
* Getting started with Elm
* A simple example hosting a web application on IPFS

Why am I doing this?

The future of the internet is the distributed, decentralized web. This is a place . . .

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December 02, 2017

Hashcash in F#

Implementing the hashcash algorithm in F#

Why am I doing this?

The hashcash algorithm forms this basis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I have been getting into this kind of technology, like the blockchain and cryptocurrency, lately (this is the future!) and I thought it would be fun to try to implement the hashcash algorithm in F#. Plus the proof-of-work system seems to . . .

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August 05, 2017


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